Been there, saw that

Been there, saw that: Re:Freshed Orchestra live @ Grounds, Rotterdam

On Saturday the 25th of May I went to see the Re:Freshed Orchestra perform at Grounds (Rotterdam).
The orchestra consists of very talented young people whose love for music can be felt from miles away.
They have been performing all over the Netherlands for a while now and I’ve never read a bad review about their shows.
Normally the orchestra performs songs by Jay-Z and this time they switched it up and paid a tribute to Guru’s Jazzmatazz. They also had special guests during the concert: Lola Green, DJ Frankadelic  (who also spinned some dope tracks after the concert) and the awesome saxophonist mister Benjamin Herman.
It was my first time seeing the Re:Freshed Orchestra perform, I have tried to visit their shows several times before but somehow I didn’t get the chance. I am glad it finally happened and I can really recommend going to one of Re:Freshed’s concerts if you want to have a good time and enjoyed great music! The evening was really fun and energetic. The Grounds venue in Rotterdam is a nice place for these kind of perfomances as well.
Special thanks to Sigmar Vriesde & Rosa Hordijk.
Of course I made some pictures and filmed a few songs for you guys to enjoy, check them out:


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